Hours: the rooms are available to guests starting at 2:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and ending at 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure.

Check-in: the room and linen supplied should be checked upon arrival and any discrepancies must be reported immediately to management. Note: No complaints will be accepted at the time of departure or in the days afterward.

Documents: upon arrival at the facility, guests (including children) must have identification documents.

Prohibitions: people who have not been registered by authorized personnel are absolutely prohibited from staying in the room. It is also forbidden to empty any type of waste in the toilet (wc).

The facility is not equipped with rooms for smokers. It is strictly forbidden to smoke anywhere in the facility.

Do not use private home appliances in rooms (electric burners, food warmers, etc.). For any questions, please contact the management, who will be happy to find the solution best suited to your requests.

Unguarded property: the management declines any responsibility for possessions not kept in the special safes in the closet of each room.

Deposits: you may make a deposit at the reception desk.

Breakfast is served in the breakfast room from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m.

Children from 0-4 years old: the management offers cribs for the younger guests, upon request at the time of booking. Linen not included.

Animals: no pets of any kind, breed or size are allowed in any area, open or closed. It should be noted that the structure is private and not for public use.

Laundry: there is no in-house laundry service; however, you can request cleaning of clothing at costs provided by the laundry service (external); the cost will be reported in detail on the receipt.

Tidying and cleaning the room: bed and breakfasts have no obligation for daily room cleaning; however, our facility is cleaned daily until 12:00 max. This service will not be guaranteed if the room is not left free before 12:00.

• extra daily room cleaning request: €15.00 (for hour)

Linen: it is absolutely forbidden to take the linen supplied outside; it is for the exclusive use in the room. Missing linen will be charged to the account for the stay.

1. Bed linen is changed weekly; any extra change will be requested directly from the management at a supplemental cost.

• request extra linen change: €22.00.

• request extra towels: €9.00 per person.

2. Change of towels every 2 days. We ask guests to place towels on the hooks or heated towel rod. If you want a change the second day, the used linen should be placed on the floor. Any additional use will be charged.

3. The linen should not be used as rags for different uses; anything ruined will be charged at the cost of the supplier's rates (Lavanderia La Primula, Monopoli-BA).

Shuttle service: to be arranged (surcharge).

Hygiene: all detergent products used are for professional use of "Ecolab Italy" for safer, cleaner, healthier environments, protecting the places where people eat, sleep, and play, safeguarding our guests’ health.

In addition, at every checkout, all of the rooms are treated with "ozonclean" to make them even healthier. Ozonclean is an innovative air sanitation and disinfection system. Through an oxidation process, it is able to eliminate germs, bacteria, spores, pollen, molds, vapors and chemical fumes.

Damage to the structure: in the event of damage to the structure or objects or lost key cards (badges), a penalty fee will be charged on the total cost of your stay. This penalty will be calculated based on the amount of damage done.

Regulation: a copy of this regulation is filed in the information registry in each room and posted on the official website of Dimora Dell'Osanna

The price list made annually and published on the website is available to every guest and is an integral and essential part of the regulations.

The management reserves the right to modify these rules for reasons of expediency and operation of services.