Carovigno, city of ‘Nzegna

Carovigno is a town of ancient Messapian origin; its historic center has preserved its medieval structure. In addition to the castello Dentice di Frasso, you can see Port Brindisi, Porta Nuova and the Arco del Prete, as well as the Baroque church of Saint Anne, the private chapel of the feudal lords of the time restored in neo-Romanesque style. The town has a heartfelt devotion to the Madonna del Belvedere; in her honor, flag bearers perform with the Nzegna, a checkered flag waved in a multicolored acrobatic exhibition. Carovigno is also called "City of the Nzegna" to remember and honor the tradition of flag wavers, which has lasted 1,000 years and which is also the oldest religious tradition linked to the "game" of the flag in Italy.

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Torre Guaceto natural reserve

The Torre Guaceto natural reserve, located about 18 km north of Brindisi, is an important area of natural interest that spans approximately 1110 hectares and includes a stretch of the Adriatic coast along 8.4 kilometers and a marine reserve.

The reserve, the only one in continental Italy to include both land and sea, was established in the late 1970s and is managed by a consortium that includes WWF Italy and the towns of Brindisi and Ostuni.

The entire area consist of different ecosystems, ranging from the marine reserve – with 730 hectares of sea, rich in animal and plant species – and the wetland, consisting of Mediterranean scrub, marshes and beaches.

A symbol of Torre Guaceto is the 16th century aragonese tower, built on the coast to defend against pirate raids, and which today houses the WWF environmental education center.

Ostuni, the White City

The town of Ostuni is situated on three hills and is considered one of the most beautiful villages of the Alto Salento. Nicknamed the "White City", it is famous for its magnificent medieval old town, characterized by whitewashed houses and countless alleys that give it a charming fairytale appearance. Ostuni is renowned for its 17 kilometers of coast, with sandy beaches and rocky coves that make it a popular summer destination.

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