Health and hygiene policy

Our facility and our rooms are constantly cleaned hygienically with professional products, but above all sterilized through the use of ozone after use by our guests.

Information on ozone generation technique:

  • The most effective technique used is called "corona discharge";
  • The technique is to remove ambient air, have it cross through generative technology, and then generate ozone;
  • The ability to generate ozone is given by using oxygen from the air or concentrating it for separation from the air, until ozone is produced;
  • It is scientifically recognized that in one liter of air, oxygen is present from 20% to 21%;
  • Ozone can be generated only in an ambient temperature ranging from +4° to +40° c; a temperature higher than 40° degrades the ozone generated;
  • Ozone is heavier than air and tends to fall down, so we need a boost from a generating machine or an environmental distribution that ensures its resolution;
  • Compared with other ozone generators, the patented Ozonclean differs from competing products with its unsurpassed generating possibility. It is dozens of times better due to the reduced temperature of the generating element, which guarantees that the ozone generated is not reduced or destroyed.

Relevant legislation

In 1982, ozone was recognized internationally as "safe gas" for use in food by the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). In fact, low concentrations and short contact times are enough to destroy or deactivate bacteria, molds, yeasts, parasites or viruses.

Since June 26, 2001, the FDA, a major international body, has allowed the use of ozone even in food industry production processes.

In July 1996, with Protocol No. 24482, the Ministry of Health recognized ozone as a "NATURAL PROTECTION FOR STERILIZATION OF ENVIRONMENTS."

Ruling of the Council of the Emilia Romagna Region July 18, 2005.

Regional discipline and sanitation for the construction, maintenance and supervision of pools for swimming use.

Directive 2003/40/EC using ozone in mineral water treatment.